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Bones' 200th Episode Premise Revealed (and It's Pretty Freakin' Cool)


Bones is commemorating its upcoming 200th episode the old fashioned way — with an Alfred Hitchcock homage!


Cinderella…seriously, what is up with Booth and Brennan in this episode? (rhetorical question) He’s all over her, can’t seem to stop touching her and she’s more than fine with it. Then she goes to his place at night, asks for alcohol and confesses that she wants to believe that love is eternal and transcendent….like…damn woman, is that a declaration of love or what? Already in love but afraid that it would not last…

BTW Booth…you are too much of a gentleman because if a beautiful woman comes into a man’s apartment at night and confesses that she wants to lose herself in another person…I don’t know that any other man would not have made a move on her.

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Bones - 7x01 - The Memories in the Shallow Grave

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I don’t care about your OTP because mine celebrates tomorrow their 1 year wedding anniversary bye


One day we’re going to see Brennan wearing the beer hat on the show? Right? It has to happen. lol.


"No beer hat, Booth.  Booth!"


1x01 | 9x06


Bones cast & crew… the best!

The Geek in the Guck - Final Scene

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